Noah's story

What happened  

Noah was 14 months old when he sustained a scald burn to his legs, arm and torso after turning on a hot water tap in the bathroom sink. Noah's parents, Mandy and Mark, were folding washing on Sunday afternoon while their children played. Unbeknown to them, Noah climbed up the learning tower in the bathroom and positioned himself in the sink. He then managed to turn on the hot water tap which resulted in a hot pool of water forming that made contact with his skin on several parts of his body. When Noah called out in distress, his parents responded straight away, and their quick thinking and actions on what to do next were crucial to the rest of Noah's burn journey.  

Initial First Aid

Mark and Mandy, thankfully, had prior burns first aid knowledge. They removed Noah's nappy and instantly placed him in a shower with cool running water. Knowing the burn was severe due to the size and skin coming off straight away, Mark called an ambulance. The ambulance officers arrived within 10 minutes and waited for the 20 minutes of water cooling to finish before transferring Noah to the hospital.  

"We knew that 20 minutes of cool running water was key, but it does feel like such a long time when you are in the mix of it and panicking; put a timer on and watch the clock" -Mandy

Treatment and Recovery

Once Noah arrived at the hospital, it was confirmed that Noah had sustained a severe burn injury to twenty per cent of his body. An injury that could have been much worse without the application of correct first aid. Under the care of the Perth Children's Hospital burns team and Professor Fiona Wood, Noah received recell (spray-on skin) treatment and frequent specialised dressing changes. At the end of two gruelling weeks, his wounds had recovered enough to be without dressings, and he was able to return home and attend outpatient care.

"The treatment he received is world-class, and I honestly believe it made the difference."- Mark

Life Now

Mandy and Mark are happy to report that Noah is back running, climbing and doing all the same things any other child his age is doing. He still receives outpatient care from the Burns Clinic and looks forward to his visits with Fiona and her team.

"He has been left with light scarring over most of his legs and small areas of his trunk and arm; it is much less than we first expected. We are very thankful that as Noah was so young at the time, he does not have many memories of it,  though we have told him a little bit about it." – Mandy

For Mark and Mandy, those feelings of helplessness, guilt and regret while their little guy was going through so much pain can be hard to look back on. However, through the support given to them by the burns team, they do understand the accident was not their fault and feel a sense of comfort from knowing that they had access to the best care and treatments available to them.


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Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
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