Current Research Projects

Our Research Priorities are around four streams -  Skin | Nerves | Immune System | Data & Technology

Some examples of current research projects

1. Early Laser intervention promotes scar maturation

2. Investigating chronic immune suppression in paediatric burn survivors 

3. Does electrical stimulation therapy improve healing in small area acute burns, as measured by localised bioimpedance?

4. Proactive management of oedema following hand burn injury

5. Western Australia Population-based Burn Injury Project (WAPBIP)

6.  Effect of siRNA on Pathological Scar cells

7. Analysis of Fibrosis methylome and transcriptome to identify common drivers of fibrosis

8. Characterisation of Fibroblasts in skin fibrosis using single cell sequencing

9. Effect of Lox inhibitor on scar formation in porcine model

10. Role of the cooperation between TGFβ, Jak/STAT and Wnt signalling pathways in fibrosis

11. Analysis of effect of matrix stiffness on skin fibroblast phenotype


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