The Fiona Wood Foundation is at the forefront of global research in all facets of burn care, from injury prevention to acute care and to long term outcomes, in the knowledge that every intervention from the point of injury affects the scar worn for life.

Our approach is unique. We facilitate and engage in a collaborative, interdisciplinary scientific and clinical approach to research, in both adults and children.

By combining findings from basic science, population health and clinical research we aim to develop innovative interventions and treatments that will drive evidence based clinical practice.  Our goal in the deliver scarless healing, in mind and body.

The clinical research is undertaken at the Burns Service of Western Australia (BSWA) situated at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital, and in collaboration with the basic science research team at the Burns Injury Research Unit (BIRU) at the University of Western Australia and the Centre of Excellence in Burns Research hub. 

Postgraduate studies at Notre Dame University

Please view the poster for information on the Masters of Burn and Trauma Rehabilitation. For more information please contact Dr Dale Edgar at  

Applications are closed for the 2018 Cynthia Banham Burn Injury Fellowship

Please download the criteria here

For more information you can also visit The Ian Potter Foundation website

Please email for more information regarding the research projects.



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