Jessie-Lee's Story

Jesse-LeeOn the 23rd of March 2014 my life changed instantly – I was in a car accident only 5 minutes from home. The car flipped and rolled down an embankment off the Kwinana Freeway ejecting me out from the passenger side door.

Devastatingly the vehicle landed on top of me positioning my body directly under the engine. Due to the location I suffered full thickness burns to 13 % of my body and from the direct impact of the car I unfortunately received an open book fracture of the pelvis and a fractured left foot. Due to the catastrophic injuries I was immediately flown to Royal Perth Hospital where my traumatic journey began.

The road to recovery has contained all degrees of intensity from strenuous heartache to patience and now somewhat acceptance. From the early stages of treatment and recovery my days consisted of restricted mobility, sitting in a wheel chair and relying on my family to help me. From being fully independent to being incapable was disheartening, upsetting, concerning and frustrating. The simplest of tasks were near on impossible for me to accomplish, I had become completely reliant and vulnerable.

To combat and constantly fight my scaring physiotherapy was and still is a must, enduring therapy three times a week at RPH and twice at Mandurah Physio clinic. Family would drive me to every appointment to ensure I received my maximum rehabilitation. I was scheduled once a month for laser therapy to help mature my burn assisting with my range of movement and function.

My daily routine involved family members helping me shower and putting new dressings on open wounds on the burn each morning and night. Every session either at RPH or Private physiotherapy will take up to 2 hours of consistent stretching, resistance training, weights and constant supervision of correct movements on stressed areas of the body and massage therapy once a week for 2.5 hrs. Travel times to each session could take up to 3 hours depending on traffic causing painful contractions, stiffness, and restriction on the burn from sitting stationary for a long period of time.

I've now stepped into 8 months of my recovery and am very proud of what I have achieved; it's still an ongoing journey consisting of daily physio and many more surgeries to come. I’m out of the wheel chair which means I have got a little bit of my independence back helping me strengthen the mind to keep me focused in the present and future to come. Day to day activities are still challenging at times but I've learnt to be patient and persistent. Without this, the road to my recovery will be damaging and difficult mentally and physically.

The physiotherapists, OT's, doctors, nurses, surgeons, ambulances, therapists, all of RPH, FWF (so proud Daily physiotherapyto say my incredible stepmother participated in the HBF Run for a Reason fundraising $1500), my work (Leighton’s and FMG), my partner, my family and friends have been a true blessing in my life during this horrific experience. They have all saved my life, helped me fight the toughest battle I've ever encountered and most of all believed in me. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for everything you all have done and are still doing for me now, I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such incredible people.

Over the duration of my time in RPH I've developed enormous amounts of trust putting my life in their hands and receiving extraordinary care and support I'm an extremely lucky woman to have had the chance to be looked after by such passionately driven and dedicated human beings that carry such hearts of gold.


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