Adrian's Story

Adrian Krop’s life changed dramatically in December 2013, when camping with friends, he was extensively burnt in a camping accident. Since then it has been a long road to recovery, not only from the burns themselves, but from the complications that arose from such a major injury. Adrian suffered burns to 75% of his body and this is his story of rehabilitation since that life changing day.

For the first six months, mother Heather or father Peter, would make the daily one hour drive to Royal Perth Hospital where he would work with the fantastic team to ensure his rehabilitation. In the early stages of recovery Adrian had to learn to walk all over again, which took him 10 weeks.

Adrian’s daily schedule for 6 months up to July looked something like this:

8.30am to 3.30pmAdrian Krop

  • one and a half hours working with our physiotherapists
  • one and a half hours working with our occupational therapists
  • lunch
  • shower and daily change to dressings

Recently, Adrian’s terrific recovery has meant that he now only has to make the trip three times a week instead of five. Ask Adrian what frustrates him the most, “not being able to bend your elbows more than 45 degrees, or not being able to move important muscles such as the fingers in one hand.”

Adrian is also undergoing important laser therapy for his recovery which is already helping with his range of motion and function.

The team at FWF were inspired and so proud when Adrian completed the HBF 4km walk/run in May 2014. Not only a terrific challenge that he completed but he raised over $9,000 for the Fiona Wood Foundation through Everyday Hero. What is his goal in the future? “to go snowboarding overseas at the end of next year, all things permitting”.  Adrian is a true hero and we will keep you posted on his recovery.

 Adrian and Friends

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