Inspirational Survivors

Adrian’s life changed dramatically in December 2013, when camping with friends he was extensively burnt in a camping accident. Adrian suffered 70% burns to his body and since has had over 20 operations in the last 4 and a half years.

A fundamental goal of the Foundation is to ensure our patients resume the best possible quality of life after suffering a burn injury. We are proud of Adrian’s road to recovery and he is well entrenched in the FWF family. A keen participant in all our research projects, he is a terrific advocate for our research work and is a clear example of why the Foundation exists – to ensure we improve outcomes for all patients.

Adrian not only has a firm understanding of our research but has literally tested the physical capabilities of his body, all to raise funds for the Foundation. In 2014 Adrian participated in the HBF Run for a Reason 4km walk/run, which 6 months after his accident was no mean feat. In 2016, Adrian challenged himself yet again and abseiled 220m down the Central Park Building and raised over $2,600 to support further research.

Adrian is truly inspirational – he has since moved from his family home to live independently, resumed work at IMP Group where he is a mechanical engineer and fulfilled another personal goal to go snowboarding in Japan.

Alongside all of this, Adrian’s very personal and firsthand knowledge as a patient has led him to develop an arm board prototype for the Burns Unit. Often burns patients are required to position their arms in a ‘crucifix’ position for a prolonged stretch and to manage swelling in order to make movement easier in rehabilitation. The existing arm boards were developed at Royal Perth and lack adjustability and are extremely uncomfortable from a patient perspective. This has led Adrian to develop a prototype arm board which is now being trialled at the Burns Unit. The clinical team have reported that the new design enables improved adjustability and is less cumbersome for the team to put in place. Patients have also appreciated the improved design. We are still piloting the equipment in the inpatient environment and will be seeking support to produce the arm boards once official approvals have been received.

We are so proud of how far Adrian has come and how resilient he has been in the face of all he has had to endure – truly inspirational.

Photos below: 1. Adrian, 2. (L-R) Physio team with Adrian - (L-R) Dalw Edwick, Dale Edgar, Adrian & Paul Gittings, 3. The Armboard


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