Current Statistics

The statistics around burn injuries are alarming both locally, nationally and globally and point to the need for further progress in treatment. The statistics also highlight the urgent need for targeted education to ‘at risk groups’ within the population.


  • 11 million burn injuries per annum
  • 300,000 deaths following burn injury per annum
  • burns are a leading cause of death and disability in low to middle income countries


  • 200,000 people suffer burns annually
  • cost to the Australian community is over $150 million per annum 
  • $2000 of taxpayer funds are required per 24 hours of admission for specialist burn care

In Western Australia 2013

Royal Perth Hospital (Burns Service of WA - Adults)

  • 2,800 hospitalised in past 10 years
  • 352 hospitalised in 2013
  • 70% required surgery
  • 75% of burn admissions are male
  • average age of inpatients is 33
  • 40% of hospital admissions result from flames
  • 22% of hospital admissions are from scalds
  • 15% of hospital admissions are from contact burns
  • 15% of hospital admissions are work-related incidents
  • 200% time spent operating on burns doubles over the Christmas period
  • 7000 clinic sessions of service

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children  (Burns Service of WA – Children)Scald from a hot drink

  • 300 hospitalised in 2013
  • 54% of admissions are burn scalds largely due to hot drinks
  • 10% of admissions have burns caused by running through hot ash from old camp fires
  • 40% of admissions require skin grafting surgery to help heal their burn

The unique work facilitated by the Fiona Wood Foundation, using data linkage systems, supports collaborations with experts in the field of Prevention and Education

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