The Perfect Gift is One Click Away

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 Celebration Giving

Will you be commemorating a birthday, the death of a loved one or other event? It can be difficult to decide on a gesture or gift to bring to the occasion, but our own PhD researcher Dale Edwick, found an easy solution.

Dale’s father, Jeffrey Edwick recently celebrated his 70th birthday with family and friends and instead of gifts, he asked his loved ones to donate to the Fiona Wood Foundation. The result was a wonderful cheque of $600 for burns research.

The gift idea of a donation is gaining traction in a world where many people are fortunate enough to already have what they want. Donations are a meaningful way to support causes such as burns research at the Fiona Wood Foundation, and we are so proud of the Edwick family for taking the initiative to fundraise in such a special way.

Instead of flowers, chocolates or gift cards donate towards a cause which will have much more meaning and impact. It’s only a click away to support the Foundation at your next occasion.

 Photo:  Jeffrey and Sue Edwick with their grandchildren.


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