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Our Research Update events are terrific opportunities to take stock and bring together our researchers, donors, clinicians and stakeholders to showcase a range of our research projects. It’s an event that brings the pieces of the puzzle together highlighting research projects all aimed at improving patient outcomes.

We heard from Aaron Berghuber, our Digital Innovation Lead, who spoke about the Mobile Image Communication Exchange (MICE) project – a collaboration to create a WA Health owned mobile application that allows secure and accountable transmission of patient information between clinicians. Leading the way, we are bringing mobile innovation to WA Health, developed and trialled first in the Burns Service Unit.

On the other side of the spectrum, Lisa Martin discussed her research on Posttraumatic growth after a burn injury. Posttraumatic growth is the way we change our thinking after a trauma so that we can cope better, and it is psychological change which represents growth beyond previous levels of psychological functioning. After interviewing patients, and doing further quality of life research, Lisa found that it does  exist for some patients but not all, and that the biggest barrier to posttraumatic growth is depression. The next step is developing and testing resources designed to help patients recover better after a burn trauma.

Finally, our guests were moved when patient Val Sloss spoke of her burns journey. Val first came into our care 20 years ago when she suffered 80% burns to body after a light aircraft accident. Her full story her can be found on our website. Val is not only leading the best life she possibly can, she is embracing every opportunity. Remarkably, Val at 69 with the full support of her family including five grandchildren – took the plunge and abseiled 220m down the Central Park Building. No mean feat and in the process individually raised over $4,200. Val’s outlook and approach to life is truly inspirational and is what we hope for all our patients.

Thank you to CBA for who sponsored the event, providing such a terrific venue for our Research event.

 Research Breakfast Event                                          

Top Photo: L - R; Carl Purwien (CBA), Dennis Bertoldo, Dawn Green, Amanda Day (CBA)               
Bottom Photo: L - R; Carl Purwien, Max Hills, Anthony Phan, Peijun Gong, Karol Karnowski
















Photo: L - R; Jane Laws, David Laws, Val Sloss, Dave Fyfe, Fiona Wood, Arthur Psaltis, Amanda Meloni, Lesley Haim, Tristan Seymour
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