KidsSafe Prevention Animation Launched

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On average 500 children a year present to the Princess Margaret Hospital Emergency Department in Perth Western Australia as a result of a burn or scald, with one third of these children requiring admission into hospital.

The most common cause of burns and scalds in children is from hot food and drinks such as coffee or tea. 
With the support of Fiona Wood and The Department of Health Kidsafe WA has developed an animation to help prevent burns and scalds within the home.

It also outlines what to do if the unthinkable occurs and the child suffers a burn or scald.  Applying first aid immediately and adequately for a burn really reduces the severity.

The Fiona Wood Foundation is proud to work with Kidsafe WA on this prevention campaign.

Help us get the message out there and share the link with your family, friends and networks.

Preventing Burns and Scalds

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