Jack continues to inspire leadership at Marmion Primary School

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Jack the Wagtail

Jack Dunn, a former student of Marmion Primary School, sadly succumbed to a massive burn injury in 2003, but his legacy lives on to inspire current students. The marvellous students at Marmion Primary continue to raise money through their leadership program in memory of Jack.

Jack was on work experience on a farm when the wheat crop caught fire. Jack and his friend Josh, ran to save the new ute parked nearby, which was heavily loaded with fuel. The boys soon realised that the quickly spreading fire was likely to engulf them, so they ran from the ute which then exploded. Josh’s burns were survivable, but Jack was burned to 97% of his body, and after several weeks of surgery and treatment, he passed away.

On that day, his father, Gary, was given a small card which said “Jack, you are as tenacious as a willy wagtail” and when Gary looked up through tearful eyes he saw his companion… a willy wagtail. Since then, a willy wagtail settled on the hearse at Jack’s funeral, sat behind Gary as he gave the eulogy, landed on Gary’s side mirror at traffic lights and sat on his clothes when he swam at Hillarys boat harbour, which was something Gary and Jack would do together. Consequently, ‘Jack the Wagtail’ has become the inspirational leadership program at Marmion Primary School, and over the years many thousands of dollars have been raised by these amazing students.

Leadership skills are essential to success in all aspects of our lives, whether personal or professional. Ten years of leadership projects, the most notable being the annual Physical Challenge, has seen current students learn skills of planning, organisation and motivation to deliver these projects successfully.

A very warm welcome was given to Dr Dale Edgar (senior physiotherapist and research manager), Lisa Martin (registered nurse and research fellow) and Adrian Krop (burn survivor and all-round nice guy) on the 22nd July 2016. They went to discuss burn injury, burn prevention and burn first aid with the students at Marmion PS.

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