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Dr Edward Raby

Ed is a Consultant in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital. Ed has recently been awarded a competitive grant from the Department of Health (WA) Research Translation Program to undertake a research program titled, “Celecoxib for Acute Burn Inflammation and Fever: The CABIN Fever Trial’.

The background to the research is that the tissue trauma of burn injury creates a unique cascade of inflammatory cytokines that leads to acute local and systemic complications. Chronic inflammation contributes to increased morbidity and mortality that persists for more than 20 years after injury. Scar quality is a global indicator of acute recovery and predictor of long term complications. Despite receiving optimal surgical management, almost half of injuries result in hypertrophic scarring. Adjunctive therapies to complement contemporary surgical burns management are urgently needed and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prime candidates. Despite extensive and promising pre-clinical data, there have been no clinical trials.

The acute management of burn injury is the start of a journey of care that aims to minimise the lifelong physical, aesthetic, psychosocial and long term medical impacts of the burn. Ed’s two-year study will be a randomised controlled trial which will test whether the anti-inflammatory drug, Celecoxib, speeds up recovery and improves scar quality. As well as being of major significance to patients, poor scar quality is linked with chronic illnesses including heart disease and depression. Collaborations with scientists at the Burn Injury Research Unit and the Australian National Phenome Centre will provide state-of-the art laboratory research to advance understanding of inflammation following burn injury. 

Ed is also the worthy recipient of the 2018 Cynthia Banham Burn Injury Research Fellow. This Fellowship is awarded by The Ian Potter Foundation to support an early career medical researcher to undertake research which has direct clinical applicability to improving patient care and outcomes in burn injury. We look forward to keeping you informed of Ed’s progress.

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