Dr. Fiona Wood's Secrets to Success Shared in Documentary Series The Thread

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Australians are often tight-lipped when it comes to sharing their secrets to success. Tall poppy syndrome, as the cultural stigma is often referred to, can reign supreme. Two young Australians wanted to move this to one side for the purpose of creating a 10-part documentary series exploring what connects 10 different Australian icons who broke away from the pack. It's called The Thread and has just recently begun airing on YouTube.

The Fiona Wood Foundation is proud to say that Dr. Fiona Wood stars in episode three of the series. In her instalment filmed at the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club in Perth, the two hosts, Hugh Minson and Jack Morphet, explore the common thread of prejudice and how Dr. Wood has been able to handle it throughout her pioneering career. She also reveals her approach to luck, hard work and goal-setting. Watch the insightful video below:

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