An end and new beginnings

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Jack the Wagtail at Marmion Primary School

The retirement of Glenn Buck as Deputy Principal late last year was another reason to come together to celebrate the achievements of the Jack the Wagtail program that has spanned more than 12 years. Glenn has been the backbone behind the Leadership Program at the School which has tirelessly raised over $100,000 to support burns research.

Jack Dunn sadly succumbed to his severe burn injuries in 2003, however his legacy lives on with the Jack the Wagtail program established in 2005. The mantra for the students is “be as tenacious as a Willy Wagtail”. The students have certainly displayed tenacity with their efforts to raise donations from organising lamington drives, selling Jack the Wagtail wristbands and badges, writing letters requesting support from the local community, plant production and sales at fetes to the Physical Challenge.

The Physical Challenge is a whole school event where students participate in an obstacle course across the school grounds. It is a great morning for students, teachers and parents alike who come together to remember Jack.

We would like to pay tribute to the extraordinary efforts of Glenn Buck and his tireless leadership in supporting the Jack the Wagtail program. We hope Glenn enjoys his well-deserved retirement and we know he will continue to play an important part of the program post-retirement. Thank you Glenn.

Photo below (L - R): Helen Dunn, Gary Dunn, Glenn Buck, Fiona Wood

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