Please download Your Impact 2017  report.

2017 Publications List

Publishing results of our work in the peer reviewed literature is essential. In 2017, the following research papers were published as a result of collaborations or primary studies conducted by the Fiona Wood Foundation research team.

With our understanding that every intervention from the time of injury influences the scar worn for life, we approach each clinical problem with a unique set of skills to reduce the suffering from burn injury. All the work is focused on solving a given clinical problem across the spectrum from first aid practices in the community, manipulation of scars at the cellular level, to understanding the barriers to improved function. The key strength of the group is the bringing together of basic science, population health research and clinical research and Translating Research into Practice.

For the full list of our 2017 Publications, please click here.

Current Research Projects

Our researchers are based at Fiona Stanley Hospital, the Burn Injury Research Unit at UWA and the Burn Injury Research Node at Notre Dame University and include clinical researchers, scientists, PhD, Masters and Honours students across a range of projects.

For some examples of current projects, please click here. 


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