Post Injury Support

The long term consequences for someone who has suffered a burn injury can potentially be debilitating physically, psychologically and socially and this is what drives the research at the Fiona Wood Foundation.

Thankfully, there are many organisations both locally and globally who are dedicated to helping both patients and families deal with particular issues should they arise

Psychological support

There is a risk of psychological trauma following burn injury, and there are a range of organisations dedicated to assisting people who are finding life challenging

Some patients experience self-esteem issues associated with scarring. The UK-based charity Changing Faces has many helpful resources to assist with these issues.

The Survivor Foundation - formally Peter Hughes Burn Foundation

The Survivor Foundation is a non-profit registered charity, supporting victims of trauma and injury and their families, in their ongoing journey towards an active lifestyle and rehabilitation. Formerly known as the Peter Hughes Burn Foundation, they have expanded their program from their core support for burn survivors to a full encompassing program available to anyone who has endured any type of trauma throughout their life, burns, cancer, abuse or injury. Survivor Foundation endeavours to provide holistic experiences that promote healthier lifestyles, seeking to develop and strengthen physical, emotional, psychological and social resilience.

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