First Aid education in burns

National Burns Awareness Month

June is National Burns Awareness month and aims to spread awareness about burns prevention and the correct burns first aid. As part of Burns Awarness Month we have created a number of resources for you to access to stay safe all year round. Prevention is the best medicine but if you do receive a burn injury,  correct first aid can significantly reduce the severity of a burn so make sure to check out our resources where you will find what you need to know to prevent a burn injury and what to do if you receive a burn injury. 

This National Burns Awareness Month, Kidsafe Australia have supported us in spreading awareness about burns prevention and first aid.

1. FWF Burns First Aid Poster

2. Household Hazards - Common household items to watch out for 

3. Alternatives to Running Water - What to do if you don't have access to cool, running water

4. Campfire Safety

5. Hot Water Bottle Safety

6. Did you Know? Diabetic patients are especially at risk in winter. Find out why here.  

7. Sunburn in Winter- what you need to know 

8. Myth Buster - why not ice? Here Fiona's response.

9. Oliver's story - hear his story and a message from his parents - Alistair & Lidia. Proudly supported by Kidsafe Australia.





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