First Aid Education

We know that no burn at all is the best outcome, and the Fiona Wood Foundation is active in educating the community about preventing burn injuries.

We also know that accidents can and do happen, and if they do, the quality of the first aid treatment provided immediately after the incident has a big impact on recovery outcomes for the patient.

Whatever the type of burn, the first aid response is the same: place the burn area under cool running water for 20 minutes. This will reduce the injury size and depth, and might be the difference between a burn that needs hospital admission, surgery and scar management, and a burn that requires none of these.

A phrase that is important to remember is cool the burn, warm the patient. Make sure the burn area is kept cool, while the patient stays warm, particularly if they are experiencing shock.

Importantly, don’t place ice on the burn, even though it might be tempting to use the coldest thing available. And don't put butter on either!

Burns First Aid

Burns First Aid

Immediate First Aid Response

Follow these key five steps in responding to a burn injury

  • remove wet clothing and constrictive jewellery
  • cool the injury for 20 minutes under cold running water
  • cover the injury loosely with a clean wet cloth or towel
  • keep the patient warm
  • seek medical assistance

These simple first aid rules can enable everyone to play a role in the burns team, and can make a big difference to the outcomes for the person who has suffered the burn.

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