Vision and Mission


The Fiona Wood Foundation has a vision of delivering scarless healing, in mind and body, to all those affected by burn injury - in order to improve quality of life and ensure the outcome from burn injury is worth the pain of survival.


The Fiona Wood Foundation is an independent not-for-profit that exists to improve outcomes for patients with a burn injury and return patients to their pre-injury quality of life by supporting and facilitating;
• building the knowledge of the interactions between the burn injury and all body systems
• Research that brings science to the bedside
• Changes to clinical care and practice
• Development of new techniques and technologies to improve patient outcomes.

A fundamental objective is to engage with individuals, community and corporates through education and prevention, reducing the incidence of burn injury and reducing the burden through enhanced first aid knowledge in the community. The Foundation also supports research in the understanding that the knowledge we gain today will be the teachings of tomorrow. We engage and facilitate the philanthropic support of individuals, community, corporates, trusts and foundations to achieve our objectives.

We exist for current and future patients with the knowledge that every intervention from the point of injury influences the scar worn for life.  

We provide the vision and direction for the Centre of Excellence in Burns Research, encompassing the Burn Injury Research Unit at UWA and the Burns Service of WA. We facilitate interdisciplinary scientific and clinical study into the links between the systemic (body's response) to burn injury and patient outcomes.

Through our unique relationship with the Burns Service of WA we actively translate our research into innovative technologies, techniques and interventions that will drive evidence based 'best practice' in clinical care, for adults and children, in WA and beyond.


We will achieve our vision by bringing together the best scientists, researchers and clinicians to

Improve understanding of burns and their impact

  • unravel the science behind wound healing and scarring and the impact of burns on all organs and systems of the body
  • understand what determines individual differences in response to burn injury
  • collaborate with experts in related fields to maximise the impact of our work

Develop new technologies and treatments to

  • improve physical outcomes
  • reduce the pain
  • speed up wound healing
  • improve functional outcomes
  • reduce and prevent scarring
  • drive 'best' practice

Improve mental health outcomes

  • reduce stress, anxiety and other psychological issues
  • minimise risk of social isolation and loss of independence

Educate the community

  • educate the community about burn prevention
  • educate the community about the benefits of good burns first aid
  • improve pre-hospital care
  • collaborate with organisations to disseminate/translate our research and educate the community 

The Fiona Wood Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on the support of the community to fund its research.

Please help us Make a Difference. Alternatively please contact Diane Clark at


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