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We've seen how science can make a difference to an individual. How we can take a little piece of skin that isn't injured and we can change the way people scar. I've seen the power of basic science to individuals at the bedside. That is so special.

Professor Fiona Wood

At the Fiona Wood Foundation, we are at the forefront of global research and discovery in the area of burns. 

Our aim is to improve the outcomes and quality of life for those affected by burn injury.

Spearheaded by plastic and reconstructive surgeon and burns specialist Professor Fiona Wood AM, the Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation facilitating the translation of knowledge from ground breaking scientific and clinical research into pioneering new treatments for healing burns and minimising scarring. 

New insights into burn management and recovery, advances in technology, new wound care and management techniques and programs to educate and prevent burns are all part of the remit of the Foundation.

By continually growing the body of knowledge in the field, our work will save lives and make a significant difference to the recovery of people who have sustained burn injuries both locally and around the world.

The Fiona Wood Foundation was originally known as the McComb Foundation, named in honour of Harold McComb FRACS, a gifted plastic and reconstructive surgeon and mentor to Professor Fiona Wood. Professor Wood and scientist Marie Stoner established the McComb Foundation in 1999, and it was re-named the Fiona Wood Foundation in 2012 in recognition of Professor Wood’s commitment to the field of burns management.

We are the primary support organisation for the world-renowned Burns Service of Western Australia (BSWA) and facilitate a research hub, the Centre of Excellence in Burns Research.

Our vision is to deliver scarless healing, in mind and body, to all those who suffer from burn injury. To do this, we rely on the world class skills of our researchers and practitioners, and the support of a generous community.

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